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So, call me a luddite or whatever, I’m always a bit behind the times on technology crazes. I didn’t get a facebook or a twitter til last year, and though I have an iphone, I use it for very simple tasks, like checking my e-mail. So, I may sound a bit like a certain local NPR host when I say that I love Band Camp. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically the new best way for bands to share music.

Case in point, yesterday I came across this, Pet Milk, a brand new band out of Philadelphia, featuring Herbie from Brown Recluse. Looking at their Band Camp page, you can stream their entire demo cassette, see the full artwork, download the entire thing for free, buy a copy if you really like it, and easily post a link to any of your social networking sites. It’s like myspace on steroids for its music sharing capabilities.

As for Pet Milk, I can’t stop listening to these songs. It falls under my favorite indie pop genre, which I call “anorak meets leather jacket”. It’s super jangly but with an edge. They cover one of my favorite early My Bloody Valentine songs (perhaps the greatest in the “anorak meets leather jacket” style). The songs are super catchy without being in your face intrusive, all slicked back with a layer of reverb. Check it out for yourself!