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Much to our collective happiness, David Bazan (in various incarnations) has continued to put out consistent, excellent work over the years — and his recent batch of releases is no exception. There’s two parts to this particular boogie, so get your headphones out and read on:

Bazan’s first offering is a subscription service. (Right? We know.) Starting in July and continuing through November (collectively known as Volume 1), you’ll get two new songs every month for each of the five months, paying in advance or as-you-go, digital or on vinyl (the latter comes with the former). If the first releases are any indication, you’ll be adding more of Bazan’s achy, chord-strewn monologue downer vibes to your collection, as you well should — “Impermanent Record” and “Deny Myself” are pretty killer. And if you’re a little financially gunshy, fret not: pop over to and stream the tracks first, to try before you buy — August should be posting any minute now, so go soak it all in.

Part Two, for anyone who saw the Barsuk anniversary shows: it’s time to rejoice, for recordings of Bazan + four-piece (aka The Passenger String Quartet) cometh. “Bands With Managers”, “When They Really Get To Know You…”, “Priests and Paramedics”, and “Strange Negotiations” (and other selections from the Bazan / PtL / Headphones catalogs) are oh-so-slightly re-arranged to add a new twist to fan favorites. It’s ready for preorder now — we promise this’ll be the best couple of bucks you spend all week.

More on the releases, upcoming tour dates, purchase links and the like here. Go!

{Photo of David Bazan at the Triple Door courtesy of Victoria VanBruinisse.}