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I love, love, LOVE discovering new bands that rock my socks off – I just wish I had known about Portland band Blue Skies for Black Hearts MUCH earlier, since it seems they’ve been around for awhile, based on all the CDs they have out already. But I digress. When I went to the Tennis Pro show a few weeks back at Chop Suey, these boys took the stage and positively blew me away with their tight, retro-pop tunes, bouncy attitude, and adorable faces. I fell for them straight away, marched over to the merch table after their set to buy some tunes, and tipsily stumbled over telling the bass player how AWESOME they were (a patented Amie move).

The above video for “Siouxsie (!!!) Please Come Home” helps illustrate their fantasticness  – and the fact that our Seattle “Summer” could be worse – but I urge you to check out more of their songs, and fortheloveofallthatisholy see them live next time they’re in town (9/22 at The High Dive) or you find yourself in PDX.