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{John Roderick / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Yep, you read that right: the Long Winters’ own John Roderick will be putting on a one-night course as part of 826 Seattle’s Write Like I Do series. His installment, entitled How To Be A Musician When You’re Not That Good Of A Musician, will be taking place on Thursday, August 11th. If you rack your dreary grey spring memories, you’ll remember that we warned you way back in March that this was coming — and as of today, there’s still tickets available {depending on when you’re reading this, take a moment to check here to see if there’s still any up for grabs}.

On top of the obvious wins — an excellent, creative night with John where your money’s well-spent on both class content and the support of a worthy cause — we wanted to know more about what to expect, so we checked in with John about it. “I just gave the same class at MaxFunCon a few weeks ago down in SoCal,” he told us. “We’ll all do a little writing and messing around, both with lyrics and general prose, and talk about how to push yourself beyond journaling into creative writing of all kinds.” And regarding snacks? “I’m sure as shit not going to bake anything, though.”

Hmm. Maybe we’ll have to tackle that last part ourselves! One thing’s for certain, however — baked goods or no baked goods, it’ll probably be the raddest thing you do all week. So, get your aspiring musician-songwriter self to the 826 site, pick up a ticket, and get there early for a seat up front. We’ll see you there with bells (and maybe even some cookies) on.

{Photo of John Roderick live-tweeting a nugget of genius last summer by Victoria VanBruinisse.}