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Yesterday I went to the new Seattle Art Museum for the member sneak preview, and I gotta say: it's absolutely incredible.

In the lobby there's a weird hanging car (Ford Taurus) with lights coming off of it that's really cool to see in person. The new third level that houses the SAM's permanent collection is a place I could go back to over and over again. The flow of the rooms is perfect, making sense for viewing, but also making it to where you may miss a gallery or two if you're not looking at a map, which makes it a new discovery every time you go. The SAM can now display most of its collection, but there are still many pieces in storage (so I hear) so it will still be rotating, and a new experience every time you go back.

The official opening is this weekend, so if you can make it, I give the new SAM a way, way big thumbs up.