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Would I really need another reason to finally visit Gainsbourg, Seattle's latest delicious-cuisine and great damned drinks establishment co-owned by the incredible Rock Queen Hannah Levin?

I mean, it's name of one of my favorite singer-performers, I hear the grub and chug is top notch, and Hannah has the best aesthetics of most I know in whatever you name.

But on Thursday, December 4th, the new restaurant (located at 8550 Greenwood Avenue North) will start hosting an exhibit for Steven Dewall, who has done some of my favorite shots of Joe Strummer, PJ Harvey, Chan Marshall, The Flaming Lips, R.E.M., Lou Reed, and others in color and B&W. (The Strummer was sent along by HL and is truly awesome.)

Duwall has been living in Seattle since 2004 and I have always loved what he did for Filter Magazine for years, making its excellent editorial content irresistible on the stands by setting up and shooting shots just as sweet. He's also contributed to Spin, Harp, and all the other mags I have to remember to resubscribe to now that it's almost 2009.

Looks like a great beginning to evolve the Greenwood community by Gainsbourg … and oh yeah, there's the food and booze to make sure I get there.