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Hey Young Rock-n-Rollers,

Do you belive in magic? To hell with David Blaine, there is real magic in the spindly legs of one Mr. Jarvis "I am 6 feet of of filthy personified" Cocker.

His video for "Angela," a single off of his new album Further Complications is now available  for your viewing pleasure. This footage is part of the "Jarvis is Making an Exhibition of Himself" week long band practice last week in Paris. This man moves like nothing I have ever seen. Sometimes it looks sexy, sometimes it looks awkward, sometimes it looks painful, but it always looks like Jarvis, which is to say, like an English professor who has dogeared copies of Marquis de Sade, Henry Miller, and DH Lawrence laying about with the dirty parts highlighted.

The dubbing in the first part doesn't quite match up, but eventually it catches itself. The handclapping on the side of the building is charming, n'est ce pas?