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The great Dave Allen of Gang of Four, Danny Seim (Menomena) and John Askew (Tracker) have a new project: Faux Hoax, crazily pronounced "Folks".

The Portland trio are creating a canvas of lyrics and music onto which all sorts of collaborators will make their stamp as well, birthing an experimental-style approach that challenges the conventional idea of a band. A rotating cast of members will basically perform or accompany songs written by the core trio.

Who could resist a lil listen to the song "Hippies Will Rule", of their first (and maybe only?) release on Polyvinyl Records this May, Your Friends Will Carry You Home.

Listen to "Foxworthy" and judge for yourself.

Your Friends Will Carry You Home Tracklist
1. Your Friends Will Carry You Home
2. Hippies Will Rule
3. Foxworthy*
4. Underwood*

*Digital Bonus Tracks