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Here's another video I had to share with all of you. It's to the song "Help I'm Alive" from the excellent new Metric album Fantasies.

The band's frontwoman, Emily Haines, explains:

When I was working with Winnipeg cult-filmmaker Guy Maddin on visual projections for my Soft Skeleton tour, I met Maddin's editor and co-cinematographer Deco Dawson. Guy Maddin is known as the Canadian David Lynch and I love Deco's editing of "Heart of the World". Deco has since become one of the country’s foremost experimental film makers and a friend of the band. He edited Metric's live concert DVD "Live at Metropolis" and we brought him along to oversee the live filming of Fantasies on our December tour. A few weeks ago, as we were scrambling to keep up with the unexpected radio momentum of Help I’m Alive, we got a call from Deco saying he had a surprise for us: He had taken the concert footage of "Help I'm Alive" and turned it into something that looks like Yo Gabba Gabba on acid. (Band member) Jimmy (Shaw) held a late night test screening of Deco's creation at Giant Studio to rave reviews and now we have decided to share it with the online world.

The band insists "This is not a music video. This is a short film in an imaginary landscape and the soundtrack is 'Help I'm Alive'".