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Oasis are set to return later this year with a new single and their seventh studio album.

Yes, you read that right. Seventh studio album. I feel like I fell off the planet for a handful of years, because quite frankly I don't think I even knew the band had released anything since What's the Story (Morning Glory).

Ok, I joke. Just last week, in fact, I re-found Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and discovered it has some really great moments.

But really, nothing will ever top What's the Story or Definitely, Maybe — so why does the band keep trying? Nonetheless, we're going to see Dig Out Your Soul hit the shelves October 7.

The most interesting part of this release is that the band of brothers finds themselves on the road again for a nine-date tour — with the cantankerous Ryan Adams. The show opens on Aug 26 at WaMu Theater. My money's on this show not making it past its second date before it spontaneously combusts.