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I'm going to try to do this without exclamation points.

Last night I saw the film (500) Days of Summer at SIFF – it's a romcom starring Zooey Deschanel and it's pretty cute but the film got on my good side immediately when they played the song "Us" by Regina Spektor over the title sequence. That made me think of how I only have to wait two more weeks for a new album from my favorite singer-songwriter.

The press release says (which reads far less hyperbolic to me):

Sire Records is thrilled for the upcoming worldwide release of far, the highly anticipated new album from Regina Spektor. An artist known for an acute sense of detail both in music and words, Spektor continues to showcase her amazing ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary on far, which is set for a June 23rd US release and globally June 22nd. Spektor's first single, "Laughing With," is a perfect example of how she allows each enunciated word (or wordless vocal interjection) and each finger on the piano keys, to tell a fascinating story, that is both visionary and gripping. The response to "Laughing With" has been overwhelming; the video shot up to #1 on iTunes' alternative video chart within it's first 24 hours and the song was met with immediate approval among fans, resulting in over 500,000 plays and a tremendous amount of action on message boards. Spektor will perform "Laughing With" on Good Morning America on release day (6/23) and The Late Show with David Letterman on June 26th. Before embarking on a European tour that begins at The Glastonbury Festival on June 26th, Spektor will headline New York City's Beacon Theatre on June 17th.

The important thing is that we can have a new Regina Spektor album in our hands two weeks from today.