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Nada Surf put out Lucky today.  I was lucky enough to see them play an accoustic set at the Triple Door (as report here by ChrisB) which included many of the righteous songs from this new gem.

Hot Chip's new record Made In The Dark is good.  You will like it.

The band formally known as Say Hi To Your Mom is now called just Say Hi.  They have a new record titled The Wishes And The Glitch.  I am not sure what that means, but I am glad they changed their name.

Here's some more hot music out today:

Basia Bulat – Oh My Darling! 

The Crystal Method – Drive

Dead Meadow – Old Growth 

Deranged – The Redlight Murder Case

Hot Chip – Made In The Dark

Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

Lenny Kravitz – It's Time For A Love Revolution

k.d. lang – Watershed 

Matt Costa – Unfamiliar Faces

Bob Mould – District Line

Nada Surf – Lucky

Say Hi – The WIshes And The Glitch

Sheryl Crow – Detours

Sons And Daughters – This Gift 

Otis Taylor – Recapturing The Banjo