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There's GREAT new music out today and plenty of it!

Fleet Foxes debut self-titled release is finally here and there is a great TIG review of the album here. These boys really deserve all the hype and the record speaks for itself. They won over a ton of new fans at Sasquatch and were lucky enough to play the mainstage twice when The National was unable to make their timeslot. The result? We sold out of their EP by Sunday morning and we took a BUNCH.

Shearwater puts out Rook today. I have given this record quite a few spins at the insistence of bestie and TIG contibuter Laura Musselman, and she never let's me down. Great record!

Aimee Mann is one of the most under-appreciated peeps in music today. EVERY record she has put out is beyond reproach, and although I have only heard a few tracks from @#&*! Smilers, it seems like she has done it again! Aimee is also playing the Zoo Tunes series this summer at Woodland Park Zoo on July 16th. It's already sold out, so I hope you got your tickets!

Here's the rest. Please comment on your favorite release!

Animal Collective – Water Curses

Pato Banton – Pato Banton & Friends

Disturbed – Indestructable

Dr. John – The City That Care Forgot

Fleet Foxes – S/T

Ladytron – Volocifero

Aimee Mann – @#&*! Smilers

Minus The Bear – The Make Beer Commercials Like This (re-issue)

The Mother Truckers – Let's All Go To Bed

The Pinker Tones – Wild Animals

Shearwater – Rook

The Virgins – S/T