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Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan together just slay me. Ballads of the Broken Seas is one of my very favorite Sunday Morning records of all time. Now they are back with an even better follow up Sunday At Devil Dirt, out today. How do I knw it's even better? Well, it's been avaialble as an import for a while now, and they proved me wrong and made an even better record. Now I just have to see them live and together! When Isobel Campbell came through town last she had another guy filling in for Lanegan, and it was good. But man, I need to see them together before I die!

Isobels former band Belle & Sebastian are releasing The BBC Sessions today too!

Um, I have always given Beyonce the benefit of the doubt, but really now B, Shasha Fierce?  Really?  I saw her perform some of the songs on SNL last Saturday and I hate to admit they were pretty good.  But, really?

Oh yeah and the American Idol 08 David Cook puts his self titled record out today , one week after the little one that didn't win (Archeletta) put out his out.  I wonder who the real winner will actually be?  Hmmm?


Here's the rest!  Chime in if I missed something….


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