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Nicole Atkins by Jeremy Balderson

A few weeks ago, I posted about how Nicole Atkins didn't show for her gig at the Living Room, which I traveled to NYC for. Well! Turns out, Nicole had good reason: she wasn't actually booked. Apparently the venue put her on the bill but failed to mention it to her, cause, as she told me via email, the next day when someone told her about it, she was like, whaaa? And, she says, it was not the first time this happened to her; she also heard after the fact that she was billed to appear at NXNE in Toronto, back in early June, despite knowing nothing of it. SOooo, if you feel you've been dissed by the divine Ms. A, know that it was probably not intentional, it was probably not her fault, and that she's probably just as sad about it as you.

In other Nicole news, her new album's release date has been delayed, but she has some new songs on her MySpace to hold you over, so go listen and love. And, she's touring this summer with Chris Isaak! Go Nicole! We never stopped loving you anyway.

P.S. — It's not like the trip to NYC was a bust, cause after all, I did get to hang with the Vinyl Skyway dudes.