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Ever since Betsy Boston turned me onto Nicole Atkins when she reviewed her debut EP Blood Diamonds earlier this year {review}, and I caught her playing at 2a on the final night of SXSW to a tragically nearly empty room {review}, I've been a huge fan. It feels like it's been an endlessly long wait for her full-length debut to drop, but the day is nearly here — her debut full-length Neptune City drops on October 30th, and I for one am EXCITED.

I searched YouTube for a clip of my favorite track, "The Way It Is," and sadly, her major label peeps won't allow me to embed in here. A pox on you, Sony BMG Music Group, for not having the sense to understand online music blogging! But huge props to whatever A&R person did have the good sense to discover and sign Atkins. Her dreamy, dark stylings and orchestral arrangements are stunning.

The actual video for "The Way It Is" lives here, and here's a bootleg version of the band performing the track live. The sound quality isn't perfect, but you can tell how stunning her voice truly is…

Atkins will be be in town with the Pipettes on November 1 at the Croc, and will be touring with the three sassy polka-dotted singers for most of November. It's a bit of a strange combo if you ask me — Atkins music is more serious, more epic, than the bubblegum ditties of the Pipettes. Luckily, I'm mad for both bands. Not so luckily, I have out of town family visiting and won't be able to attend. But you totally should!

Here are all those tour dates…

Nicole Atkins, w/the Pipettes

November 1- Crocodile Café – Seattle, WA
November 2 – John Henry’s – Eugene, OR
November 3 – Plaza Club – Vancouver, BC
November 5 – Walnut Room – Denver, CO
November 7 – Paris – Austin, TX
November 9 – Vinyl – Atlanta, GA
November 11 – Sonar Club – Baltimore, MD
November 12 – Blender Theater – New York, NY
November 14 – North Star – Philadelphia, PA
November 15 – Great Scott – Boston, MA
November 16 – Petit Campus – Montreal, BC
November 18 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
November 19 – Diesel – Pittsburgh, PA

As a last bit of Atkins-induced excitement, the chanteuse will appear on David Letterman tonight. Can anyone Tivo it for me?