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So, even after noticing that the new Hives song "Tick Tick Boom" isn't entirely anything different from the band, it hasn't stopped it from being #1 on the NME charts. There are a couple new songs on the top 10, including

#8 "Terrafirma" by Young Knives – Sort of Gang of Four like post-post-post-punk. Not bad as such, just sort of generic Brit rock of today. The video is kind of fun, though.

#9 "Alcohol" by CSS – We all know and love CSS, so I post this mostly to amuse Betsy. And for the fact that the video is brilliant! (I'm not kidding … its fabulous especially if you like rabbits drinking beer through funnels).

#10 "Acrylic" by Courteeners – Can someone say "I want to be Pete Doherty, but lite."