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You have to give it to the Wombats. The usual modus operandi for hits on the NME Chart is to show up at #1 for a week and disappear. Well, they've now made it three weeks at the top with "Let's Dance to Joy Division." I have to admit, it is a catchy song and look out for the hype machine for the Wombats to head west any time now.

New entries this week:

#6  The Pigeon Detective "I Found Out"
A woman with large breasts and not a lot of clothing. A band that sounds like a garage rock version of Better than Ezra. What is not to love? The latter, that is what's not to love.

#9 Bloc Party "Flux"
"Flux" is not on the underappreciated Weekend in the City, instead it is a one-off single. It's odd, let me tell you. Bloc Party goes fully synth-pop, almost like Kele meets Erasure. The video is especially odd, featuring dancing cylons (from the original version of BSG) and monsters. Yeah, really. Not the best thing Bloc Party has done.