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Now that literacy rates have gone through the roof (proof: Obama got elected, health care passed, a new issue of The Baffler is on the stands), book-loving hardcore-playing science fiction dungeon masters Bloodhag are calling it quitola. Just as boldly they lived, these secret masters of fandom are leaving their career playing both punk dung-holes and libraries with full-on style, preparing a special send-off at Seattle’s The Funhouse this Friday, April 9.

I loved Bloodhag, even when my own wife caught an H.G. Wells in the face from the paperbacks they were throwing at one of their legendary shows at (among other Pac NW venues) Second Avenue Pizza, because they celebrated writing and extreme hard rock to an evangelical extent. They later went on to record a rare, ultra-cool collaboration with the extraordinary speculative fiction author Thomas Disch, which to me was up there with Kurt Cobain jamming out on a William Burroughs rant (that happened once, too).

Even if Bloodhag’s ear-ripping noise isn’t your kind of date music, The Funhouse show will be black-hole irresistible and probably packed with lovely nerds on fire for the addition of Captured! By Robots, a “literal non-stop touring machine” from San Francisco. If you’ve never seen this one-man many REAL robot self-destruct orgasmatron happen before your eyes, now is your chance before its inventor/performer gets killed banging out the barrage. No shit, don’t miss it.

Also on the bill is Portland’s Klingon Death Metal band (!!!) Stovokor, round this out to be my own personal SHOW OF THE WEEK. But not for the weak! Ha!