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Kele Okereke, frontman for Bloc Party, has publicly ripped the band Oasis a new asshole in Uncut magazine (which in typically internet fashion I read about on stereogum, who read about it on thisislondon).

The Brits are so eloquent in their vitroil! Okereke said:

"I think Oasis are the most over-rated and pernicious band of all time. They had a totally negative and dangerous impact upon the state of British music. They have made stupidity hip. They claim to be inspired by the Beatles but, and this so saddens me, they have failed to grasp that the Beatles were about constant change and evolution. Oasis are repetitive Luddites."

Anyone who works "pernicious" into casual conversation gets two gold imaginary stars from me, and anyone who slags Oasis gets big imaginary hugs from Liz.