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Barack Obama was in town on Tuesday for a fundraising / rabble-rousing event held at the Showbox. Given the locale of the night and the "secret" bands supporting him, I had high hopes for sightings of a Ben Gibbard, Britt Daniel (he'd totally commute from Portland for this, right?), or even , gasp, a member of REM. Peter Buck, where are you when we need you at a political fundraising event!?!?!?

Alas, no way. I just learned from the Seattle Weekly that the folks sharing the bill with our lovey presidential hopeful included Dusty 45s, Brad, and Stone Gossard.

Really? That so doesn't speak to me.

But I guess going to the event and that big $ ticket wasn't in the name of seeing bands… it's to help get this country back on track. A cause I'm all for.

Did anyone out there make it to the show? Even though Ben, Britt, and Pete didn't make it, I'm still super-curious to hear all about it.