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With the huge amount of music that comes out, well, all the time, a lot (actually probably most of it) makes it past me without registering, especially in the flurry of TIG-related reviewing and generally keeping up with the Forkses. Anyway, I feel like sometimes I find things well behind the curve and I want to share. You should to … have you recently fallen for an album that ain't quite new anymore but recently discovered by you?

My recent discoveries include:

Spank Rock – Yoyoyoyo – How'd I miss a bizarre mix agglomerated samples, spastic beats and rhyming? It's like the album that I'm sure the Neptunes or Kanye wish they could produce.

Kaiser Chiefs – Yours Truly, Angry Mob – OK, this isn't that old, but after the infamous 1.1 or whatever it got from P4K, it felt like it fell through a timewarp to instantly age five years and get dumped directly into discount/used bins. But you know what? It ain't that bad at all, heck, I would have given it at least a four (actually, better than that, but you get the idea)

Prefuse 73 – Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives – A totally hidden gem for me that got saved when I decided to purge my pile of burned CDs to reclaim binder space. I ripped the album and threw it on my iPod after years of obscurity (for me) and wow, this album feels brand new (musically).

Capricorns – "In the Zone" – I didn't technically miss the Capricorns as much as have one song of theirs ("The New Sound") that I thought was brilliant. I finally found myself a copy of their full length (thanks to TIGer K.D. Mau) and voila! instant fun! The Capricorns are like a female, east coast version of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, but more crazed and aggressive (and to go with our barf theme for today, they apparently vomited in one of my friends' cars when they played for KBVR Corvallis).

So, anybody else have some newfound treats to share?