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So, yes, I am supposed to be off in analytical geochemistry land (and I really am), but I was too excited to read that Jens Lekman will be returning in the fall (at least stateside) according to his label (and thanks to P4K for digging this up). Jens will be releasing a single for "Friday Night at the Bingo Hall" that retells his short-lived career as a bingo hall employee in Sweden. The single will be released in Sweden in July, but Secretly Canadian, his US label, assures us that the songs will be included in a forthcoming Jens album due out in the fall. Maybe if i'm lucky, I'll be able to find the 7" for "Friday Night" during my trip to Helsinki in August! Now, wouldn't that get my Scanditino heart a-fluttering!

And just to get me more excited, here's one of my all-time favorite videos, Jens' "You Are the Light (By Which I Travel into This and That)"