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Okkervil River photo by Ryan SchierlingOoh! Ooh! Austin's Okkervil River are making their network debut tonight on the Conan O'Brian show, and here's me without a television! Normally I consider this a blessing, but tonight, oh, what a curse it is!

I absolutely *heart* Okkervil River. TIG have long been fans of the brainy, eclectic folk-rock band, sponsoring what I believe was their first appearance in Seattle back in 2003 and stalking, erm, I mean, admiring the band ever since. The band's brand new release The Stage Names sounds SO GOOD from the tracks we've heard on KEXP, and if Jagjaguar doesn't send it our imaginary ways soon Liz and I are gonna shed real, non-imaginary tears.

Can someone Tivo/record/Youtube the performance for me? Pretty please?

Hat tip to Rock Sellout for the good news!