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Everett darlings Oliver Elf Army are busting at the seams to get back out and play for crowds, big or small, and they’ll get their chance this week! That’s right folks, live music is slowly seeping back into our lives and this is a great opportunity to not only see a great band but check out brand new music. No listening to the same cds over and over again, new delicious tunes will flow through the air and into your ears creating that magical euphoria that only music can offer.

I got a chance to listen to their new LP (whose official release was waylaid by the damn pandemic) over at Bandcamp and hooo boy it’s a doozy. They’ve held fast to the rock roots, catchy beats and quality lyrics that they’ve come to be known for. Switching off vocalists adds a bit of diversity to their sound so every song doesn’t feel repetative and aurally boring. Go ahead, take several trips on this ride they’re calling Oliver Elf Army Are Sending Thoughts & Prayers, you won’t be sorry. Luckily I got the chance to see them perform some of those songs live at Fisherman’s Village Festival as they spread their sonic mirth throughout the brand spankin’ new venue dubbed Lucky Dime. With a covid-version of a packed house replete with dancing, clapping and joyful music lovers, a fantastic time was had by all. Now you can get in on this joy yourself over at the newly christened Palmer House Tapes hq as OEA play alongside Everett all-stars I Will Keep Your Ghost and FUNERALHOMES (also releasing an EP this weekend) a solo project by Brad Heyne of TELLERS fame.

Now that I mention Palmer House Tapes (PHT), I wanted to dig into them a bit too. FUNERALHOMES’ new EP is PHT’s first official release and it’s gonna be a good one. If you love the 80’s synthy dance beats and deliciously low-registered vocals, this one is for you. PHT is a unique new boutique label that only releases on cassette tape! I’m not sure how I feel about that being a kid of the 80’s and all. I mean I have a serious nostalgia vibe about it, but at the same time do tapes actually add an auditory texture that improves the experience and holds fast to quality as well? I mean, I feel that way about LPs, but tapes? The jury is still out. I love that they’re taking this leap of faith and trying something that isn’t the norm. I’m all for changing things up and creating a new subculture within music to draw more people in. It’s pretty exciting and and I can’t wait to give it a listen (yea, I have a tape deck in my house, what of it?). Check out the event info below and head on up to Everett for a great time in a new space.

Event info:

Palmer House HQ
2711 Oakes Ave, Everett WA

$10 at the door

I Will Keep Your Ghost
Oliver Elf Army

**Proof of vaccination, or negative COVID test (<72 hours) will be required for entry. Masks are also required unless eating or drinking**