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It's with bittersweet hearts that we welcome you to the last {new release} Tuesday in our presentation of More Than Shapes: The House Show Songs series. We're taking our exit music here a bit a gracefully, quiet but by no means is it any less of a bang, with a gorgeous rendition of "Mimi" from the spot in front of the fireplace.

John Roderick's ability to paint imagery throughout his songscape is at times unparalleled, matched only by the journey we take in our minds as he builds and broadens the path for us. As Adam {Pranica} so aptly states, you can almost see the cold, bright scenery going by through the car window. As such, beauty and danger juxtapose on that road, in the soundtracks behind our eyes and in the recesses of our hearts, and between the lines of most of John's work:

"When I visited Alaska in January, I knew one of the things I had to do was drive the Seward Highway. It was one of the most beautiful drives I've ever taken, and in the dead of winter the Turnagain Arm, which runs alongside it, is filled with hypnotically slow-moving glacial ice. In addition to its beauty, the Seward Highway is also one of the most dangerous roads in the country – a combination of frequent avalanches, arctic storms, and narrow curves at freeway speed mean it is often dotted with makeshift graves.

This place is the setting for "Mimi", a song I couldn't help hearing in my head as I sped along that icy road."

We all hope you've enjoyed these sessions as much as we've enjoyed sharing them out. If you haven't seen them yet, take a look at our first, second, and third weeks of takes posted earlier this month! Special thanks once again to not only Adam and Dorsia Films, but to our pals Tyler Kalberg and Zach Varnell for lending a hand to the recording process, and of course to John Roderick for agreeing to make it all happen in the first place.