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Tonight at Chop Suey you can see Macromantics, the Aussie female hip-hop artist who imaginary writer ChrisB just saw at SXSW.

From his review:

"A few years ago, being the best white, female rapper was a lot like, to borrow a line from the once-funny Dennis Miller, being valedictorian of summer school. Hip hop just has never really been a welcoming environment for women in general and Caucasian women in particular. With the ladies from Northern State, Lady Sovereign, Princess Superstar, and Australian rapper Macromantics being the latest, the talent pool is getting much deeper and these women are becoming harder and harder to ignore. Macromantics may yet be the best lyricist and MC of the group."

I'm sure he wasn't biased at all by the fact that she's not exactly hard on the eyes, either (right, ChrisB?;)


Go check her out tonight at Chop Suey, where she'll play with NRDLNGR, Tulsi, and DJ Colby. Big dance party fun!