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It’s a small world, especially when your world is the Seattle music scene. It is an inarguable fact that just about everyone of us has a close friend in a band or who works at a club or is a part of one of the city’s fine record labels. You and I and all of us are a friendly bunch so if you don’t know so and so, you definitely have a friend who has shared many a drink with him or her (and raves about how fun he / she is).

It’s not surprising that everyone in this town has been rocked to the core by the passing of Andy Kotowicz last week. Some folks, like myself, never had the chance to meet him personally, but know him from his time served as Vice President of Sales and Director of Marketing at Sub Pop. From the memories shared since his passing, he was an amazing person, as kind and caring as he was passionate and brilliant. Even though I had never met him, I still find myself profoundly touched by the tragic accident.

In case you hadn’t already seen any of the below articles, I wanted to take a moment to post a few links offering some more insight into his charismatic character and how we can help his dear family and the causes that meant the most to him:

Information about donations in Andy’s memory and the Andy Kotowicz Family Foundation

A fellow Sub Pop employee interviewed Andy a few years back

{just announced} If you want to get something in return for giving back, bid thousands of dollars and win a Pearl Jam Autographed Fender Telecaster