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So I'm at my local car dealership, awaiting the dude who's going to install our infant carseat (who knew they were so complex?), when I get the following text message to my phone:

"Due to increasing difficulties and a lack of support from upper management/ownership I have quit The Crocodile effective immediately. – Pete Greenberg"

Why oh why don't I have an iPhone, or some other blogging-friendly PDA so I can report breaking news like this on the run?

I'm finally back at home in front of my laptop to report the news, which makes me sad, as the Crocodile Cafe is one of my favorite places in Seattle (and Pete one of my favorite fellas). In the hours since this message sent, both Line Out and REVERB have posted Pete's resignation, with a few details (including that assistant booker Eli Anderson has stepped up to fill Pete's spot, and that Pete left because of conflicts with owner Stephanie Dorgan).

We've got nothin' but good memories and love for the Croc and Pete (hell, we just had our last TIG presents show there last night), and we hope this saga has a happy ending for both Pete and the club.