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Peter Hook is back at it (OMG! OMG!), putting together a new North American tour to perform New Order’s Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies in their entirety. Considering that New Order is my favorite band EVER, I had to breathe into a paper bag for a full ten minutes to quit hyperventilating after I heard the announcement.  Mark your calendars, people: September 25th is the day that Hooky will be bringing the original electro dance sound to Neumos. When I fall asleep at night, I dream about a world where everyone owns a panda and the boys of New Order play nice and get back together. It’s kind of like being from a broken home, constantly pulled between Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook for loyalty. Yeah, sure, Bernard is the voice — but Hook’s signature bass playing is what totally defines the New Order sound for me.   

While the latest reincarnation of New Order is also touring the States this summer, early word on the street has it that Peter Hook’s show is obliterating the competition with his vigor and enthusiasm on stage. I’m not surprised considering he always seemed the most comfortable of the group in the role of front man, and after seeing him perform Joy Division’s “Control” a few years ago at the Showbox, it was clear that Peter Hook wasn’t afraid of the vocals, doing an impressive job of re-creating the sound without straight imitating Ian Curtis.

1981’s Movement sticks close to the Joy Division sound and some of the tracks were even written before the death of Ian Curtis. “Dreams Never End” is a fantastic example of the band trying to find their way with a new dynamic and features the bass hooks that became the foundations for everything to come. Their second album Power, Corruption & Lies launched New Order into the sphere of legends with tracks like the alternative electro classic “Age of Consent.”  Not on the original track list, “Blue Monday” was included in the 2008 collector’s edition because how could it not be? Back when people actually bought physical music, “Blue Monday” became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time.

Peter Hook will be gifting it to the fans on tour as well. Because not only is he playing both albums full thru, but he’s also including all the B-sides and singles like “Temptation” and “Thieves Like Us.” Cue the hyperventilating again! I can hardly wait!

{w/ ADULT + Slaves of Venus. 9 pm / 21+ / $25 adv}