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Transient Songs is a local Seattle duo comprised of John Frum and Jimmy Andrews, who handle all of the instruments between the two of them. Their new five song EP is a solid collection of psychedelic garage rock in the vein of Neil Young and paisley underground bands such as The Rain Parade and Green on Red.

There is a fresh sound on Plantation To Your Youth that is sorely lacking with a lot of modern bands. The vocals are upfront and impassioned, one thing that sets the band apart from much of the current wave of indie rock. The other thing that does this of course is the memorable songwriting. There is a combination of raucousness and gentleness in the songs that is mastered quite well by the two core members of the group. On top of these two assets is the wonderfully warm sound of the EP. The production is stellar.

In fact, trying to pick a standout track from this collection of songs is difficult to do. All five of them are very good from the somber opener "Greenwood Backyards" to the straightforward, but slightly melancholy and still sonically interesting "Living With Decay." I would love to see how Transient Songs would sound in a live setting. Even an acoustic performance by Frum and Andrews alone would be intriguing. Their songs are great and I would recommend this EP to anyone.