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I am not an electronic music expert. Let me just put that out there right away. I know what I like, but can never define it. Is it electropop? Is it electroclash? Is a band automatically "electronic" when they use synthesizers? It's a little much for me. BUT! Like I said, I know what I like… good music.

I grew up in Southern California {I know, I know}, so I got to a point where I hated sunshine. Every goddamn day was the same. Since being out here for nine years in the great Northwest, summer is my favorite time of year. I forget that feeling of sunshine on my face and blinding people with my white ass body for the rest of the year. So like a little kid, once summer hits, I run screaming and giggling outside, busting out all of my "summer" music {the Go-Go’s, B-52’s, U.S.E., etc…} and my collection of tank tops. What is the point of this rambling? What struck me most about Pleasurecraft is that their debut album Lost Patterns combines the best of the Northwest seasons for me: beautiful, fun, and summery, yet with a sprinkle of the gray days we all love/hate here in Seattle.

Seattle’s Pleasurecraft are pretty dreamy. Yes, they are all easy on the eyes, but what I mean here is that from the first song, they truly develop a dreamy, slightly dark, yet danceable pop album. I really love the lo-fi keyboards used throughout, especially on "I Need You," one of my favorites. They definitely have the 80's synth pop style going on: at times Gary Numan, other times a touch of New Order, with a bit of the Kings of Convenience Remix album as well, but never leaving the guitars out of the picture. Another of my favorite tracks, "Matter Not Gray," falls on the dark, slightly creepy side, with strong, focused guitars and beautiful, swimming synth sounds. They play to many moods, which is why I think it will appeal to even folks who aren't really into electronic music. It's delightful melodic electronic. I figure since I'll never figure out the sub-genres of electronic music, I'll just make up my own…