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Well, nadie la tengo this album yet, because it won’t be released until September, but there exists, mis amigos, un MP3 for your listening delight.

“Periodically Double or Triple” gives the indication that Popular Songs is going to be fantastic! As always, the music is tight but not overstylized and feels a lot like a track off of Electr-o-Pura, or one of the lighter, poppier tracks off of I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (ala “Mr. Tough”). After the noisy, wonderful diversion that Condo Fucks’ Fuckbook, Popular Songs sounds like it will be a return to their more traditional form and will most likely make many Best of ’09 lists in a ninth-inning squeeze play.

Popular Songs will be released September 8th on the Matador Records label. It would appear as though US fans will have to be a bit patient for a tour on this album, as they will be making the jump across the pond for the entire month of November. A few stateside dates are planned for this summer, but nothing is yet indicated for September. It will, however, most likely be well worth the wait!