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As I posted late last week, I am big excited about Tuesday night's Super Furry Animals show at Neumo's… but now things have gotten even better!

As the Super Furry Animals tour the US for their album Hey Venus!, they've created a way for fans to let the band know what songs they want to hear at the show ahead of time — it's a gem of a plan that should prevent the annoying random shouts requesting rare SFA songs throughout the set.

The band has created a widget allowing users to vote on songs for them to play at upcoming dates. The song titles are all SFA favorites with the song "Ice Hockey Hair" and "Eight Ball" winning for the Seattle show. My pick ("The Man Don't Give A Fuck") is third… which I think means there's a good chance they'll play it?

Vote for the songs you’d like to hear — the Super Furries are tallying the results in real-time.