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{Pusher opens in Seattle on Friday, 10/26, and is screening at Sundance Cinemas Seattle}

I love Drive, but I haven’t yet delved into Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s much-praised debut feature, Pusher, which spawned two sequels and is supposed to be gritty and dirty and action-packed and fantastic.

So along comes Spanish Director Luis Prieto, who decides to remake Pusher, apparently with Refn's blessing, and I guess it’s pretty close to the original, story wise, but it seemed a lot glossier (based on what I've viewed of the original on the Internets).

Frank (Ricard Coyle) is a drug dealer who takes things a bit too far by making a deal with a buyer, who then screws him out of the money after stealing his stash. Unfortunately the stash belongs to Frank’s friend and supplier, Milo—and while Milo is willing to cut Frank some slack, his money is more important to him than the tenuous friendship they have.

Throw in a sexy striper girlfriend with a habit who may or may not be conspiring with the people who have Frank’s drugs, and a cast of other characters all chasing one thing or another, and oh yeah—frank. is. fucked.

This is one of those movies where the dialog is really controlled and quiet, and the club scenes are so bumping with loud music that you’ll want to rip your eardrums out. AND THERE ARE A LOT OF CLUB SCENES. Annoying, right?

Overall, I think this was just fine. Entertaining? Sure. A sufficient amount of eye candy? I don’t know about you, but I could look at Richard Coyle’s face FOREVER. Some nice, tight action filled with tension? Absolutely.

I just wish I cared more. And I probably should have watched Refn’s version first. A quick glance at the trailer leads me to believe I’d like it a whole lot more.

And if you’re looking for a more excited “drug deal gone wrong” flick, I’d recommend Sleepless Night (Nuit blanche) over this one.