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Kind of a quiet week in Billboard land this week. R. Kelly has returned to the #1 spot with his new album, Double Up. Has an indicted musician ever had as much success as R. Kelly? I mean, honestly, apparently no one cares that R. Kelly likes his ladies young. Ah well.

Anyway, in more pleasant news, TIG fave Amy Winehouse is on the doorstep of the Top 5 for the first time, hitting her peak at #6 – she's also making her way up the singles chart as "Rehab" has crawled up to #48 (I'm sure Brits and Linds love that track). And well, that's about all that's interesting. I mean, I could make some crack of Perry Farrell's Satellite Party only making it in at #91, but that would be mean, but at least today's TIG cover man Elliot Smith is still hanging on with New Moon at #100.