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{Rec 3: Genesis screens at the Grand Illusion Cinema 9/13 at 9pm, and again 9/14 at 11pm}

Sometimes when filmmakers continue their horror film franchises, it doesn’t work out so well (I’m looking at you, Paranormal Activity). But while [Rec] 3: Genesis is admittedly the campiest film in Director Paco Plaza’s zombie trilogy, it’s still a nice follow-up to his previous creations, and he manages to keep changing it up enough that it doesn't feel tired. 

Also, I love camp—especially when it involves a bride running around with a chainsaw.

Yup, Genesis takes place at a wedding reception, with an unsuspecting uncle nursing a dog bite that eventually turns him feral and starts a chain reaction of guests biting guests, with massive blood splatters, screaming, and lots of torn dresses and ripped tuxedo jackets.

I wasn’t really digging the whole “demons possess souls and make them zombies” explanation (rather than just a straight-up mysterious virus), but I know that theme was present in [Rec] 2, and it did allow for a few too-close-for-comfort escapes, plus some choice comedic moments.

As a whole, the third installment is one big juicy horror ride, with the hand-held camera gimmick only lasting for the first 15 minutes or so, which is good for someone who’s prone to motion sickness (hand up).

Definitely recommended for horror fans! There are some really nice cinematic moments here, along with the usual jumpy scares, throat-rips, and of course, BUCKETS and buckets of blood and gore. And without giving anything away, the ending was really kick-ass.