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Girls Rock! ShowcaseAwhile ago, I urged everyone with daughters to send them to the Girls Rock! 2010 Summer Camp, because it’s the most awesome thing of all awesome things for girls to do. For one week, girls learn how to play instruments, sing, write songs, and then put on a kick-ass show!

This Saturday, July 31st at 1pm, this year’s girls will get on stage at Neumos and blow you away with rockin’ goodness. I’ve seen this show a few times, and it is completley AMAZING. There is nothing better than seeing a group of kids/pre-teens/teens work together and really have fun doing it.

Tickets are only $10 (in advance), and you can buy them online here to support future Girls Rock! camps. And why’ll I’m at it, I’ll plug the movie again, because it’s also 100 kinds of awesome and everyone needs to see it: