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{Kansas City / by Dianna Potter}

When an album exists independently as a great piece of art — in this case, we’re referring to Damien Jurado’s 2010 release, Saint Bartlett — it really doesn’t need anything ‘extra’ to make it better than it already is. Some bands need promotion, some records need catchy packaging, but a true work of art stands alone on it’s own merit — and such is the case with SB. As fans and fellow artists, as a community at large we’ve recognized this, achieving a state of admiration and inspiration for what Damien saw fit to put forth. We’ve emulated in the most well-intentioned ways. Pieces of his songs have become tiny ornaments as they’ve folded themselves into our minds and respective processes. We revisit these songs for better and for worse, in moments of lifting up and moments of letting down. These pieces tie into the threads that pull us out of bed in the middle of the night, or hold us back in the morning for a few moments more on the greyest of days. And vice-versa.

Eventually, as with all good music that’s ingested, a shift takes place: words come forth from words on an page, words pressed into the grooves of a piece of vinyl beget more words. Then those words beget ideas, the art begets art, and the distance between the person listening and the person creating is shortened, almost eliminated. Covers are sung, pictures are taken, and more songs are written. The album goes from ‘great’ to a ‘go-to’, a new classic in our vast library — and suddenly, everyone in the process is forever changed.

So, while nothing was needed to make Saint Bartlett any better than it already was — it’s been expounded upon so beautifully that somehow, it’s been improved. In a big, gorgeous, mega-personal way. Enter our friend Dianna. Dianna has not only walked her version of the story about by creating a piece of art for every song on the album, but has decided to take her trip and her process public by exhibiting the work — it’s up at Ghost Gallery for a mini-run, and we’re all graciously invited to come and take a peek this Friday. More details below. But first, here’s what she had to say about it:

Sometimes an album comes along at just the right time, and the lyrics are exactly what you need to hear at that moment in your life. You don’t have to be tuned in to lyrics to enjoy Damien Jurado’s music, but for those of us who fixate on lyrics, his songs are a treat. In the words that Damien sings, it’s easy to find comfort, solace, sadness, hope, beauty. In the months leading up to the release of Saint Bartlett, Damien and his wife Sarah became a source of comfort and strength in my life as I went through a difficult time. I found that I could relate to many of Damien’s words on a deeper level than ever before, and as an outlet for that emotional energy, the art of Saint Bartlett project was born.

“Our friend Dianna” is Dianna Potter, an incredibly talented, multi-faceted artist who’s currently located in Seattle. (You can learn more about over at her site, Paper Tiger.) And the opening we mentioned is taking place this Friday {6/3} The art’s only there for a 2.5 day run, so you’ll want to be sure and get it while you can.

As if this glimpse into such a personal part of her journey isn’t enough, Damien Jurado will be playing a set in the courtyard sometime around the 8 o’clock mark, and tour photography will also be on display. We’re going to go out on a limb here and say it’ll be the best five dollar suggested donation you make all week. We’ll see you there!