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Sloan is a bands’ band – one of those bands that really smart people like and quote… and not just because they had that really amazing college-radio hit, “Underwhelmed” back in the 90’s {although that song is why they always have a firm place in my heart}.

In his recent record recap, Chris Estey astutely wrote:

Sloan, The Double Cross (Yep Roc) is workman-like in the best ways for indie rock. The twelve songs all seem like one cunning extended riff on making a good life in spite of the unforeseen plans caused by caustic partners, and Jay Ferguson, Chris Murphy, Patrick Pentland, and Andrew Scott pump it up full of a little-more-rock-than-power-pop, a lot-less-raw-than-punk bang and snap. There’s a heavy taste of betrayal salt on most songs’ lips, which makes the leanness and levity of the hooks and tempos that much more appreciated. Some of these are definitely my favorite Sloan songs, with very direct “Unkind” being the kind of not-bitter-but-a-broken anthem possibly being the best in the pack, but “Shadow of Love” is thrift store sweater swoony, “Laying So Low” has a keen cinematic-existential loner vibe, and the best news is that it’s completely enjoyable from start to finish (and it’s neat that you really don’t care where you might be in there, from the way it’s squash-sequenced). (7.5)

Their show at the Tractor Tavern this Saturday {June 4} is a must-see… just so you can talk about it next time you’re at the merch booth of a really smart band you’re trying to impress {and as evidenced by the above video, they are also hella-nice}.