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I am sure I’m not the only one who has set every alarm clock in her home to go off at 10a on Saturday, which is when tickets go on sale for the two Pixies dates at the Paramount (the all ages shows take place November 12 and 13).

But the nice thing about being in Seattle this weekend (besides the temperatures in the 90s), is that we get a shot of Black Francis live and in person this Sunday night (August 2) in the lovely AIR CONDITIONED Triple Door.

Since finding out that Mr. Francis is playing Boise, ID with Doug Martsch, I’m wondering if there will be any surprise Seattle friends taking the stage with him for a song? Hmm… I bet Kurt Bloch would be a great side kick for “Where Is My Mind.” What other pairings would float your cruise boat?

This isn’t a duet, but it is the video for the wonderful (easy to sing along to) song “I Sent Away” from SVN FNGRS. He’s so cute in a hoodie!