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If you know and love Clem Snide the way we do, you've had this Wednesday's show at the Tractor carved out with a heart-shape on your calendar for at least a month now. He's coming through town to sweeten the stage of one our favorite imaginary venues, and we're just beside ourselves at the mere thought of it!

But if you haven't been formally introduced, and our sheer love and compelling adjective of all things Eef Barzelay isn't enough to convince you, may we suggest you pull up a chair for a moment and dig on this two-part in-store performance Clem did back in 2003 — courtesy of the one and only Laura Musselman. (If you squint, you might be able to see her sitting somewhere in the front row on one of the clips.)

Although the tour is in support of the most excellent new release, The Meat of Life, this almost-forever-ago set still lends itself to giving new fans a great snapshot of everything that's perfect about Clem Snide. A few quick warnings: One, the videos are impossibly lo-fi, but the sound shifts to pure magic after the first song on Part I. (Promise.) Two, you'll probably want to make sure you have some plastic ready, for when you go running off to get tickets for the show the minute you're finished. It's not sold out yet, but we're expecting it will be by showtime tomorrow.


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