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If you take a look at the Crocodile’s calendar right now, you might see some band names near and around Memorial Day weekend (you know, the weekend that has that big festival…) that don’t quite ring a bell. Something tells me these shows are going to be awesome.

A little twitter fairy mentioned something about anagrams the other day, so we’ll be buying tickets to these shows even if we don’t know quite who they are. And it might just be me, but those posters look awfully familiar. Plus, these three shows have super great local openers anyway! Feel free to make your guesses in the comments!

  • May 19th: Nature’s Bandit (with Blunt Mechanic!)

    May 26th: The Newton Girls (with Grand Hallway!)

    May 31st: Rad Snafu (with Pearly Gate Music!)

    Any guesses?