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Dear John Letters

The demise of Dear John Letters was – I swear I'm not being over dramatic here – one of the saddest moments of my life. This band was an integral part of re-finding my happiness; they were there when I needed a musical lifeline. I was at damn near every show they played, and it was always a treat to see them on stage. So, yeah. I was/am seriously in love with this band, you guys. And this Friday {11/4} they are going to rock the Sunset one more time for a fun reunion show! 

Since I bought my tickets in like, July, I kind of forgot about it until now, which is rad because it's making me get excited all over again. I'll see you there, right? It's also frontman Robb Benson's birthday – so that should make it extra fun! 

Dear John Letters (11pm)
Rock Tim Dijulio presents 1971 (12am)
The Great Um (10pm) 
The Sunset Tavern
Friday, 11/4 | Doors @9pm | $10 | 21+