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From the "duh, obvsies" file: you're not going to want to miss Father John Misty this Monday night at Neumos.

On the heels of a killer Letterman performance {above} and rave reviews for the new album, Fear Fun, FJM is in the middle of taking their show on the road. They'll be stopping in our fair city with the third show of the tour, which extends for much of the rest of the month and covers Canada, the northeast and a few stops down south — and if you're lucky enough, they'll be stopping somewhere near you.

In case you have been living under a rock haven't heard about Fear Fun yet, here's a few snippets to start your landscape: first, our full album review, where Chris Estey describes the sound as "…a lot of reading Beats and bards and bohemian travel writers; writing reams of visions and observations and humiliating admissions; listening to a whole lot of great albums from the later Vietnam era created by PTSD-shaken troubadours; perfervidly working on demos with producer/singwriter comrade Jonathan Wilson, and bringing on board Phil Ek to help mix it. Also: treehouse living with spiders, Canadian Shamans who share a little too much intoxicant, Adderall and weed otherwise, a lot of funerals, fumbling drinks, and novels needing to be written as one lives life like a "You take your chances here, pal" roller coaster."

And our initial report, after my first sighting of "Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings," and a trip around the soundscape of the leaked version of FF: "…over the last few days we've been wrapping our ears around the internet leak of the new album by Father John Misty, nee Josh / "J." Tillman {formerly of the Fleet Foxes}. Fear Fun will be out in early May on Sub Pop, and it's going to be one we pick up on vinyl in triplicate for sure: it's an incredible departure from anything we've ever heard J./osh Tillman involved in thus far, and a few of our first listens, it almost feel like a sampler of everything he's been waiting to play for the world, and everything we've been waiting to hear but didn't know we needed. Fear Fun is some kind of mad genius that we can't quite find the right adjectives for yet, as we're still waist-deep in absorbing both the lyrical content and sonic experimentation of it all: pure, clear vocals laden over with seventies-esque easy-listening key-change sensibilities and a side of jangly guitar twang, fused together with a full-frontal balls-out sound that takes time to digest and process. This album is smart, complicated, soothing yet uncomfortable, brash yet kind — it doesn't sound like anything else we know, which leaves us with the overall feeling that Father John Misty just might be the Brian Wilson of the post indie rock set."

Enough to spend your hard-earned thirteen bucks on a Monday night perfomance? You betcha. We'll be the ones in the front row, screaming and swooning despite our best intentions.

{$13 adv / 21+ / 8p / tickets / tour dates}