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Foals and Freelance Whales are going to be tearing up the Showbox tonight, and you’d best head on down there to soak up all the awes- oh, wait. It’s sold out. Right. Sorry about that.

Well, in case there aren’t any tickets released at the door, here’s a mini-montage of videosongs from these Sub Pop roster-ers for you watch — and subsequently kick yourself after viewing, once you realize what a crime against your own humanity it is that you didn’t pick up tickets:

[video:] [video:] [video:]

Stay tuned — on top of these videos, we’ve got the next best thing to being there in the works: a full photoessay will be posted here shortly after the show, thanks to our dubious imaginary contributor Jason Tang.

{All ages / 8p doors / $20 DOS / sold out at time of posting. Photo courtesy of Foals.}