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Heard of Mal de Mer? No, not that Mal de Mer. This Mal de Mer. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard of them, as well as lots of good things about them, but haven’t done nearly enough listening to them.

Today, my friends, is when that changes for the good. Because MdM is a hell of a good band. Period. If you haven’t caught an earful yet — well, they’re hard to describe. The vibe varies from a Henry Clay People-esque alt.dirty-pop on songs like “Bubble Bobble” to the more melancholy, moderately anthematic sad-pop sound of “All I Want” — but there’s a running consistency through all the songs they’ve put out, and that consistency is one of No Bullshit. MdM isn’t out to please the herd or become the next-best-something-or-other, they’re just making the sounds that they need to get made. This, coupled with their all-star lineup (Michael Lee, Lesli Wood, Jimmy Curran, and Eric Wennberg), would make it appear as though the band itself could do no wrong. And based on the attention they’ve gotten so far, that might just be the rightest thing we’ve heard all week.

Wer’e excited to see what happens next for these fine folks, and mostly so to see them do their thing at the Crocodile this coming Saturday night {they’re first of three on the Telekinesis bill}. And assuming you all are too, we’ve procured a pair of tickets to give away for the show, along with a copy of the band’s 7″. Far out! Want to enter? Just drop an email to tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject line “MoreMalDelMerPlease” to be entered to win. Be sure to include your mailing address so that we can get you a copy of the record if you win! We’ll choose a lucky entrant around noontime on Friday, March 25th and notify you by email before the end of the day. The band will have you on the guest list +1 at the show, and poof. Just like that! Another excellent Saturday night for you.

Good luck, everyone. We’ll see you there!