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And now, straight from his iPhone the road, a few words from Seattle's own John Roderick as to why your attendance at Friday night's Jonathan Coulton show at the Showbox would be a good idea:

"People make the mistake of thinking Jonathan is a novelty songwriter, because his tunes are set after the zombie apocalypse, or they're sung from the perspective of a deranged scientist, or they sometimes feature monkeys. But Jonathan's songs are not novelties, they stack up against any pop songs written by anyone. Monkeys aside, Jonathan's songs are ultimately about losing what you crave most, or loving too hard, or feeling lost, or whatever any great songs are about. Plus, he's hilarious and smart, and his fans are devoted to him but totally inclusive. There are plenty of people who prize their own cynicism over ever discovering something new, or laughing unexpectedly, or finding a new way to express an ancient feeling. It's foolish trying to convince cynics of anything. For everyone else, Jonathan Coulton is one of the best practitioners of smart pop music working today. Go see him. (Plus, I'm opening, and all that stuff I said about Jonathan is totally true about me too, except for the monkeys)."

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves. Tickets are still available, but we want to give you a chance to see the show for free. Send an email to tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject line "Let'sBeNemeses" sometime between now and 5pm on Thursday, June 21st. Tell us why we should pick you to go to the show, and if you're our lucky winner, you'll be on the guest list for Friday night. Good luck!

{21+ / 8p doors / $28.50 adv / $30.00 DOS. Tickets available for advance purchase here.}