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So if you’re anything like a few of us imaginaries, you’re just about done hemmorhaging from missing the Frightened Rabbit / We Were Promised Jetpacks Show — and yes, it’s deemed deserving of a capital ‘S’ — over a year ago at Neumos. All Scots, all rage, and more big-guitar sad-bastard than you could possibly shake a stick (or several sticks, for that matter) at. Almost as big of a self-imposed kick-in-the-pants as not being in town for Pela’s performance at the 2009 Block Party, no matter how many times we’d seen them play before.

Heaving sighs of regret and arrested swoons aside, we are all most certainly in luck — because the big-hearted folks at Neumo’s have decided to give us ample chance to make up for missed opportunity. The first knock came when We Were Promised Jetpacks played with the Lonely Forest recently, ripping our eardrums out in the loveliest of ways a few months ago, and the second is coming this Sunday when Frightened Rabbit takes the stage with Maps and Atlases.

We could insert a gush here about how de-lovely the band is, or how much the new album they’re touring behind — The Winter of Mixed Drinks — is nothing short of sweet perfection and a near-perfect follow-up to The Midnight Organ Fight, or how much we’d like to throw a party to thank whomever managed to put poor Scott Hutchison’s heart through a meatgrinder so flawlessly — but instead, we’ll just let you soak up some of the goodness for yourself:


And if getting all that for a mere fifteen bucks isn’t enough for you, here’s a little mindblower: we’ve been told that the band will be doing an acoustic in-store performance at the new Sonic Boom on the Hill earlier on Sunday, somewhere around 5:30 or thereabouts. (!!!)

Don’t forget to pack your earplugs, kittens. We’ll see you in the front row at both shows!