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Hello Boils and Ghouls! Want your Halloween treats early? If you want something sweet that you won’t find a razor blade hidden in, come celebrate the final days of Rocktober with the spectacular British band The Heavy, playing at the Crocodile on 10/31/09. They will satisfy better than a Snickers, so, not unlike a York Peppermint Patty (and because all the other candy slogans I can think of sound FILTHY), catch the sensation! They will be touring on the virtually perfect The House that Dirt Built, and are guaranteed to put a jones in your bones, the dance in your pants, and will fill your bucket or pillocase of rock with king-sized jams, no toothbrushes, pennies, or dusty butterscotch disks guaranteed! The Heavy brew a heady potion with eye of punk and tail of funk and a drop of soul or two. Don’t miss this chance to shake your chains and wail with one of the best bands that the UK has to offer.

For a little fun-sized taste, check out the video for Sixteen.